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Germany is the most populous member of the European Union, with almost 83 million inhabitants. The country is known for its turbulent history and relationship with neighbouring countries. However, in the 21st Century, Germany has established itself as a global powerhouse. It has a strong economy, with the 5th largest GDP in the world (2017).

Whilst the climate does change from the North-western and Coastal regions of the country as you head inland, the overall climate of Germany is moderate. The country tends not to have any long periods of cold or hot weather.

With a long and established tradition for culture and tourism, Germany has many interesting and historical attractions that are worth paying a visit! Many of the museums and art galleries throughout the country offer reduced prices for students, which is definitely worth taking advantage of.

Majority of German universities are state-owned, they charge no or very low tuition fees! This is the reason why higher studies in Germany for Indian students are highly recommended. In addition, the state also offers many scholarships and aid to meritorious students. With more than 4000 Indian students already studying in Germany, you might just feel at home!

The prime concern for Indian students willing to study abroad is the future prospects. Germany is known for its strong economic system, great corporations that dominate the technological world and excellent quality of life.

Universities in germany

  1. International University of Bad Honnef (IUBH)
  2. Schiller International University
  3. German International School of Management and Administration (GISMA)
  4. BAU International Berlin, University of Applied Sciences
  5. EU Business School(Munich)
  6. CBS Cologne Business School
  7. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences
  8. Kuehne Logistics University – KLU
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